Do you believe in love between comrades? 
Nylon fabric with PVC lettering
2.25' x 18.5'

This public banner was installed without permission in the remote desert town of Dunhuang in China, where there is a long history of using horizontal banners (hengfu / 横幅) for promotions and propaganda. The text on the banner, translated in the title of the piece, is excerpted from hook-up app flirtations with local men seeking intimacy with other men; "comrades" is a euphemism that refers to both communist party members and homosexuals.

Of the three unfilial sins, the worst is to bear no descendants
2.25' x 17.4'

This hengfu banner was installed at a film-set-turned-amusement-park depicting periods from the Han dynasty up to the beginning of modern China. The text, an oft-repeated Confucian proverb, is excerpted from conversations with Dunhuang residents on a gay hook-up app. 

Close friends will see you with colored glasses
2.25' x 27'

This hengfu banner was installed in the volleyball courts of the Dunhuang Research Academy. The other banners in the back were presumably installed by the research institution before the artist arrived.

Are you the veteran of a hundred battles?
2.25' x 16.6'

The comrades here all have wives
2.25’ x 17.7’